07 Mar 14:51

Creating an authentic social network for healthy weight loss

My vision with TwinBody has always been to create a social network that support a healthy weight loss. I never believed that magical diet pills, miracle 30-day diets or overnight wrap cures was the most healthy approaches to losing weight. Looking over some of the diet stories on the regular social networks such as instagram and facebook, the most trending transformational stories are often the most extreme ones. The story of a 350 lbs lady transformed into a 110 lbs fitness model within 12 months just gain more recognition than the one losing 20 lbs over 3 months. As much as I love and respect these stories myself, I also often feel distanced to them. I don’t feel like they are part of my own reality. Like an action hero in the blockbuster movie, they come out as incredible but also not so realistic to my every day life. I can use them as inspiration, but not always as understanding how I approach my own life in every day situations.

Having the TwinBody health vision in mind, I want TwinBody to not just give us miracle stories, but provide a network that give us realistic targets and comparisons. We want to connect you with that amazing inspirational fitness model, BUT we first and foremost want to keep this community genuine, authentic and close. And your journey is relative to who you are. It is NOT a one-size-fits-all - I want to create an authentic representation of how you could approach your life, from someone just like yourself.

To do so we will continuously introduce small features that connects you with people that we think you have something in common with. It could be people your age, your height, from your neighbourhood or people who have the same weight development as yourself. Or maybe people who have been through the exact same journey as yourself, but maybe a step or two ahead or behind. Cause the race is individual and we understand it best when we do it together with people on the same journey. I believe that the better we are at connecting you with people that are on the same journey, the more we understand how we can stay healthy together.

Life is relative - Have a great week everyone!

07 Mar 14:58
Awesome! I would love to be able to create or join a small group chat within twinbody where I could actually get to know a handful of people who are on this journey and doing in it in a similar way as I am... It'd be cool if the app asked what we're doing to lose weight and then somehow allowed us to see that info... Not that I don't want to interact with someone who chooses a different manner, but the more they understand my journey and are on a similar one the better. And then in a small group we could actually try to get to know each other instead of just seeing pictures of each other's food...
07 Mar 15:18
@hannah Thanks so much :) @Csmochilera Great feedback, I hear you, I would love to see even more connection, not just from data points such as weight, height, age and so on, but also include for example approaches, whether that being exercise routines or nutritional approach, for example diebetics or vegetarians. I really like your input with groups too, being able to create groups is a great way of keeping it genuine and connecting even better individually. Thanks so much for suggesting @Csmochilera
07 Mar 15:27
That's awesome!!! That's exactly why I'm here. I don't share most of my fitness/health gains on Instagram. This is where I vent and congratulate myself and others. Continue making this a judgment free encouraging uplifting app!!
07 Mar 16:38
Great forum! Also if there's a way to message people without having to comment on their posting. Another way to get to know people without all our personal information being advertised.
07 Mar 17:39
I agree with @Csmochilera I love this app, but there is still a disconnect.
07 Mar 22:19
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02 Mar 13:58

Love is exactly 22 times bigger on TwinBody.

Just a quick stat from the TwinBody community: ‘Love’ is mentioned 22 times for every time ‘Hate’ is mentioned once in here – Stay awesome everyone!

One thing that has been both uplifting as well as amazed me about creating Twinbody has been the immense amount of love and support expressed in the community – it’s like an avalanche that just keeps growing and growing. Good really leads good.
Before TwinBody launched, I was honestly a bit afraid of how to handle different negations in the community. One side of it was spam and unrealistic advertising from different commercial angles and robots, which could potentially flood the community with ads promising one-size-fits-all miracle diets with everything from diet pills to wraps. Kind of like some other social networks like Instagram is currently undergoing, where the most popular fitness and weight loss channels are selling out for advertisement of various suspicious products. Another side, a more crucial side would be the community question whether people would really be supportive of one another, or if they would expect more from others than they give themselves. Would everyone really show continuous support for someone they only know through the app? My fear is put in the grave a long time ago, but it still amazes me to see just how supportive everyone is. It is maazing to see how people lift each other up here. I think one of the main reasons for the enormous amount of support here, is that the network is personal, it’s a private account with your personal details on YOUR body, it is made for YOUR progress and fitted to YOUR body and YOUR body goals.

I will continuously push for making your connection more genuine with the right people in the community - to get a real connection with people just like yourself, on the same journey as you are.Let’s understand, respect, improve and treat our body in just the way it should be.
Stay healthy everyone.

Haha that is brilliant
02 Mar 11:29
Just joined and I have to say I LOVE this. It just feels like we are on the same team here
02 Mar 11:45
Great read, thanks for sharing for creating this app x
02 Mar 13:49
Thank you for the ap! Everyone here is supportive and encouraging. Allows me to be vulnerable with no judgement.
02 Mar 13:53
I'm so glad I don't see any advertisements on here. Its ridiculously annoying. This app is real people sharing real results on what works for each person personally and I love that! I haven't seen any negative and that's a plus. It sure is positive, encouraging and uplifting on one another 😊 Yay for Twinbody!
02 Mar 15:17
🎉🎉🎉 this app is amazing!!! ❤️❤️❤️
02 Mar 22:15
Thanks so much everyone!
07 Mar 15:28
Love it
17 Feb 15:03


28 Feb 11:37

Sharing thoughts on twinbody

I'd love to hear more of Your thoughts on twinbody - how do we make it better and ensure that we are moving the right way. Making twinbody as awesome as possible. That’s why I am starting this blog here directly on the twinbody feed, the aim is to give everyone a better insight into how we develop, what our thoughts and intentions are with the community as well as include better connection between our intentions and all of your feedback – you can also access this blog through

Always feel free to give us feedback for development and thoughts on TwinBody by commenting directly here on my blog or sending us feedback on [email protected]

Warm Wishes,

Founder, twinbody

I love getting on here, even getting rid of my insta addiction haha. Thanks for creating this <3
25 Feb 21:12
Keep up the good work, luv it
25 Feb 21:28
Would it be possible to maybe have a direct message box? I think that would be great 😊 Other than that, this app is simply, awesome! 👌🏼
25 Feb 21:57
Maybe be able to put your general location! So people could make local workout buddies? LOVE this app though!
25 Feb 22:34
Love the idea of DM! Also, please make the app available for android users soon!!
25 Feb 22:49
😂😂😂 I'm so slow sometimes. I didn't realize until just now that you were the founder of Twinbody. You are doing an amazing job, and this is a great app. 😄😄😄
25 Feb 23:11
A reply feature similar to Insta would be cool. If you swipe left and can auto tag that person when you reply.
26 Feb 03:13
I also miss the ability to like comments 😕
26 Feb 03:14
@Brit @FitNicole @melimel2129 @alyssaann @fitpanda_mari Thanks so much for all the input, Direct messaging alongside video, hashtags and getting people together to find local connection is definitely also on our radar. Our focus first of all is to get people connected to the right people on the iOS app in an as genuine and authentic way as possible with focus on getting healthy and happy rather than just superskinny for any price. @sheena_transforms I like your idea with swiping left to reply directly via tagging - will have it send to developers, might take a bit of time, but great idea! I also hear you on the liking of comments, there was a small bug in it so it'll come back sooner or later. @TraciSim73 @lisadeangelo Thanks so much for the kind words :-))
28 Feb 11:38
Thanks @Jorgen !! It means a lot that you consider our ideas!
28 Feb 14:54
I would really like to be able to delete conversations not just leave the group. If possible. Thanks.
10 Feb 15:01
@seemechange2017 thanks for the suggestion, you actually can already delete a conversation/message group. After you have left a group, it is archived, so you can still access the messages in there, but if you want to delete the conversation, then just slide it to the left. Let me know if it doesn't work for you.
11 Feb 08:48
I have 1 thing I would love if you could do! When I check the people I follow or followers and click on 1 to look at their profile and then press "back" on my phone it goes to the feed of twinbody, it would be REALLY nice if it went back to the list at the same place you were. Because now I have to go back to my profile, press the list and then scroll to the same place again and that sucks if I want to look at a lot of profiles. PS. Thank you for this amazing app! ❤️
07 Mar 17:26